Effect of a Retreat

Mindfulness Meditation? What is its purpose and benefit?

Mindfulness meditation is a training for the mind. It’ about unfolding our inherent potential and teaching our hearts and minds. Usually our mind is restless, distracted and dealing with side-issues.

We are often caught in thoughts of anger, refusal, jealousy and envy. And quite often we are dozing in states of boredom, self-doubt and day dreams. A negative mind means suffering. But we all can change that for ourselves.

Meditation practice is the means of clearing the mind and a developed mind is characterised by clarity, tranquillity, openness, understanding and serenity.

Mindfulness practice promotes:

  • the calming of the mind
  • the ability to be aware and to stay in contact with an object
  • the ability to pause for a moment without intervening judgmentally
  • the breaking of negative thought loops
  • the ability to understand through insight
  • the ability to come into contact with our feelings
  • serenity in the ups and downs of life