Retreat House Füssen

The retreat house in Füssen is a former hotel which was remodelled in 2018. The hotel which includes a separate building for yoga practice has been used regularly for the delivery of yoga courses in the last 15 years. At the end of 2012 it was decided to cease the hotel operations and to convert the building into a retreat house. When renovating the house, we attached much importance to using natural materials and discreet, warm colours.

The rooms were equipped with attractive wooden fittings. Thus, the retreat guests can look forward to a stay in a pleasant atmosphere amidst the beautiful Allgäu scenery.

The retreat house Füssen is situated at an altitude of 800 metres right at the foot of the Alps in direct proximity to the lake Forggensee. The nearby lake invites to make hiking trips or to go for a swim in the summer. It is above all a place of retreat into silence and the practice of mindfulness meditation. Regaining distance, slowing down, giving things time and developing healing spiritual skills.

We look forward to offering you a well-balanced program guided by experienced meditation teachers of the mindfulness tradition.

With best wishes
Hartmut vom Bovert

Hartmut vom Bovert

Yoga teacher BYO – EYU

Beginning with the practice of mindfulness meditation and yoga. Longer stays in Buddhist monasteries in Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Myanmar. Participant of numerous Vipassana retreats including a 60-day retreat in Myanmar guided by Sayadaw U Pandita. Introduction to the Pali language under the supervision of Bhante Henepola Gunaratana and own Dhamma studies.

Founding of the Allgäu yoga centre. Beginning of the teaching of mindfulness yoga and first individual tuitions.

Founding of the Retreat House Füssen. Guide of the seven-day silence retreats since 2019.